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Our Process


Today’s continuous pressure from a “connected everything” society has created complexity of requirements and demands from your clients. During onboarding, we work with you to clarify your objectives and your definition of success. We draw out the critical few things that make your business sail- and in simple terms, we learn exactly what you need, and ensure clarity between our team and your company’s needs.


The constant state of change in the warehouse & fulfillment industry has created numerous demands- and when everything is a priority- nothing is a priority. We walk from CLARITY through the processes required to meet your objectives and then simplify elements of each process for communication, documentation, and feedback. We outline the specifics to make sure both client and TFW has a clear understanding of your expectations in the simplest form possible to achieve your objectives.


Once we have CLARIFIED and SIMPLIFIED what needs to occur, we establish disciplines within each function of operation and administration to make sure processes are executed consistently and with a level of excellence to deliver what you expect.


In the beginning of our relationship, we conduct 30-60-90 day reviews of the system to make sure success is achieved and make any course corrections needed.


We continue this discipline with ongoing 90 or 180 day reviews of the entire business relationship to ensure achievement of goals.


Compliance Peace of Mind

Large online retailers have increased complexity of demands for supplier’s compliance to their fulfillment and delivery needs.  These complex requirements create a challenging and time-consuming drain on your resources. Our experience with manufacturers, distributors, and retail companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Grainger, Overstock, Jet, Hayneedle, and others have given us the skills to help you navigate these waters. Our team walks you through the entire process and recommends methods to streamline and simplify, while maintaining required compliance. We know how to successfully dispute and manage improper penalties levied against your company and give you that time back to run your business.

Competitive Advantage

Moving huge volumes of product from manufacture to end user and the immediate gratification desires of today’s ecommerce shoppers has completely changed the supply chain.  Once seen only as a cost model, successful suppliers of today recognize the supply chain as a competitive advantage. For a decade, we have focused on optimizing the evolving supply chain to delight your customers with speed and efficiency.

Supply Chain Improvements

Over the last decade, the Supply Chain industry has moved cost minimization “Necessary Evil” to a model continuously evolving to remain relevant and competitive. Just in time delivery to the next link in the supply chain, along with one day and same day turn around on order fulfillment now being standard, the demands of customers continue to develop with dramatic speed. Whether it’s feeding the next segment of a production line, or picking an order for an online shopper, your supply chain needs to be flexible and responsive. While some companies still see the supply chain as an expense in the budget, we see effective investment in continuous improvement, focused on High Volume and Lean Operational effectiveness, as a way to build a Strategic Marketplace Advantage with you.

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Let us help you Clarify, Simplify, and Execute the goals of your Supply Chain and Distribution, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Please give us a call.

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About TFW Leadership

Erik Hinson – Founder & CEO

  • 25 years experience in the International Supply Chain, Fulfillment, & Warehousing Industry.
  • His first warehouse job was driving a forklift in a textile factory during the summer months in 1983. He has held virtually every position in the supply chain from forklift to CEO.
  • Started and built 3 Warehousing and Distribution companies independently, with one starting during the 2008-2009 worldwide economic downturn. Earlier in his career, built 2 additional operational fulfillment and warehousing facilities for US and Italian manufacturers.
  • Worked with, developed relationships, and implemented full EDI and API integrated system connections to enable exponential growth of clients with the likes of Franke, Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, and other retailers and wholesalers
  • 15 years experience helping clients move their supply chain from a cost center to a strategic advantage.
  • Erik is a long time Murfreesboro resident, raising three active teenagers.

Rob Walker – Co-Founder & CFO

  • Almost 30 years in strategic planning, corporate finance and general management roles in high growth companies
  • Financial work experiences include investment banking (Merrill Lynch & Co – New York), commercial banking (Regions Financial), venture capital, private investing, Co-founder and EVP at Sovereign Sportsman Solutions, CFO at Thrivist (before its sale to Ingram Content Group), President of Compass EMP Mutual Funds (before its sale to Victory Capital), and more.
  • Currently serves as Managing Partner at Crimson Ventures ( which provides consulting services and venture investments in early stage companies.  Serves on several corporate and charitable boards.
  • Resides in Brentwood, TN with his wife Joy and their three teenage children.

Advisory Board

Perry Osburn,

Former CEO, Osburn Hessey Logistics

Andy Gilbert

Genesco Nashville

Gabrielle Lavender


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Let us help you Clarify, Simplify, and Execute the goals of your Supply Chain and Fulfillment, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Please give us a call.

Get Your Free Consultation

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